Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rollin' along

Despite losing the 2nd game last night we still have the lead in the standings. We only had 4 hits total in both games but the hits counted. A 3 run shot by C3 in the first game and a solo shot by Zakdaddy in the 2nd. The Oilers came out smokin in the 2nd game from the first pitch. A solo HR about 340 ft. from the plate, that must have been the 96 mph pitch Cory said he was gonna show everyone. Hey take my advice it is only a good pitch if it is a strike. He had a ice pack on after the 3rd inning, I hope he is o.k.
All right RR fans games 3 and 4 today starting at 5pm. Come out and enjoy the games. As we play to maintain a slim lead in the standings. Go RR

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