Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a Win!

You just can’t ask for more excitement than last night’s game against the Bobcats. All the drama of baseball you can imagine was present in the come-from-behind, extra innings game. In the first 2 games on the series, we pretty much had the Cats pinned up, but last night they got out and took over our early lead. Even after tying them up again, twice, they jumped back out each time and it looked to be a late night with extra innings. Finally, in the bottom of the 11th, Zach Getsee, who hadn’t had a hit all night, put an end to the chase with a base clearing double and bases loaded, scoring 3 RBIs while we were trailing by 2, and gave us a 1 run victory and 3 game sweep of the Bobcats. The crowd went wild . . . I thought the bleachers and grandstand were going to come apart.

With our win and the Pirates falling to the Greyhounds, the race tightens between the top 3 clubs with only 1 game separating the teams. The Oilers won their 3rd straight over the Bulls and move into 1st. The Pirates are a half game back in 2nd and the Railroaders in the mix one game out in 3rd place.

Now that we are fired up and the engine has a full head of steam, the Railroaders are headed to Owensboro to take on the 1st place Oilers who have won 5 straight. There’s one game on Sunday and a doubleheader on Monday. Head to head with the league leader, this is our chance to move forward again in the standings. The Pirates, who dropped 2 or their 3 games with the Greyhounds, will be going up against the Bulls who lost all 3 games they just completed with the Oilers.

As we approach the mid season point this coming week, we have a great opportunity to gain control of the race. The Greyhounds will be coming to town on Wednesday and Thursday for 2 games in our house. It’s time for us to make a statement!!!


  1. Was there "Home cooking" going on In O town last night?????????????????

  2. home cooking for sure, they knew they were beat so why not stop and and do it again later.....this simalar thing happened last year also,go figure

  3. yes it did,!!! the umps in O town are unprofessional and BIAS

  4. But you know what we will just kick their A@* the old fashion way

  5. WOW another trip to Owensborow tonight and no game(S) the train has been fired up and rollin but cant seem to beat out mother nature,and what an weird set of events last night, just one more out and the game would had been complete,who would had thought,.......... dejuvue.... guess a day off then welcome them hounds to the yard
    see ya later Oilers