Wednesday, June 20, 2007

beat the oilers

Well we accomplished what I thought we would. We defeated the Firebirds. They deserve a better record than what they have because they have beaten us twice.If I remember correctly it was by a score of 23-2. Wow I hate bringing up the past but the truth hurts.I believe that was a record for most runs scored in the Kit League. Oh well back to tomorrows action. We are playing the Owensboro Oilers tomorrow night in Owensboro.We have only played them twice thus far, but they are last years champs.We gotta go to the big O and show them that we want what they've got. The championship. We must play better, we must pitch better. We can't leave a whole season worth of guys on base. Guys lets go kick some Owensboro booty.


  1. Hate to tell you this Rattler, but today's a day off. Owensboro is tomorrow night, Thursday, and a doubleheader. So......

  2. Thank you hoghead for the correction. hard to keep up with everything.