Sunday, June 17, 2007

Railroaders and the Future

I picked up a crystal ball at a yard sale this weekend. The guy said it would help me predict the future for the Railroaders. But I can’t get the darn thing to work, maybe it needs new batteries. As for as the Railroaders are concerned, seeing the team’s intensity of play against the Greyhounds on Saturday, I see a healthy trend towards better play in the future. The upcoming road games will really build their character as a club. They’ll be in hostile territory for 5 games before returning home. Zero mistakes should be the goal, and when they do come, just shake it off and do better. I do want to note a couple of items:

1) The Fans at last Saturday’s game were very supportive and it translated into the dugout. Both dugouts for that matter, the dogs were a little surprised, believe me.*
2) The players should never let down their guard in the game. Do that with the quality display Saturday, the pennant is ours.

The players need to realize the fans are behind them and take that pride with them, then these upcoming road games will be fun to win. With a 5-way tie for first in the league, it’s like a new season. There are 37 (corrected) more games left. It’s time to pick up the game and return home with at least 4 wins. We need to face the Greyhounds next Sunday at home with grim determination and overcome this “myth” of Union City dominating us.

Meanwhile . . , I’ll see if I can figure out where the batteries go in this thing, so we can get a more clear picture of what is in store. I would welcome you're "insights" on the subject, especially if you have magic mirror of something.


*footnote: One of dog’s late game strikeout victims, threw his bat so hard into the dugout I thought the back wall fell out. Ground crews should check on that, please.


  1. Well Hoghead I know for a fact that you are not a math whiz. Why? Well for one reason is that if we have only played 13 games and there are 50 in a season that would leave 37 not 27. I also would like to have some feedback from others besides you. It would make for some interesting conversation at the games.

  2. True, true, Rattle, that's what a Tennessee education gets you. I corrected it, and I thank you very much.