Saturday, June 23, 2007

Looking Good . . .

I've got all my yard work done, fixed the car, and found my Goodyear sunglasses. I'm ready for Sunday's game! Looking over the season at this point, I find it interesting our record is better on the road than at home. We're 6-3 away and 5-4 at home. Now that's not much of a different I know, but it does say the Railroaders play as well in the role of the visiting team as they do at home. Very positive, I think.

Does anyone know who is scheduled to pitch on Sunday? Not that it really matters, my confidence in our battery is much stronger now and they have proved themselves. What can I say . . . the whole team appears to be in sync. We're ready for the Hounds!

I also join the others here with thoughts and prayers for Brian and his family during this difficult time. May God be with you.


  1. The railroaders are looking really good. lets kick some greyhound butt

  2. Michael Lucas is throwing on Sunday if the rotation stays the same and Cory Brown will start on Monday. Lucas has pitched very well his last couple outtings and of course our best pitcher Brown is throwing Monday against the "DOGS." Look for the Railroaders to sweep the Hounds also! With those 2 starters throwing were looking good and our bullpen has been great besides our last game against Owensboro! Im excited about this week!!!!!