Thursday, June 21, 2007

News of Concern

We have been informed manager Brian Hicks received a call from his mother that his father had been in an automobile accident this morning. Brian and his wife, Emily, are in the process of going to Houston, Mississippi. At this point we don't know any other details or how long Brian will be away. With Brian going to Mississippi, the injuries must not be minor. Be sure to keep Brian's family in your thoughts and prayers.

David Estes will be in charge of the team until Brian returns.

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  1. Well I was at the game tonight and the Railroaders played two pretty good games. Chris Craycraft started the first game of the double header, he gave up only 1 UNEARNED run which scored on an error by Kevin Gellespie. He ended up having a no hitter until the 7th inning getting bases loaded and turning the ball over to Aaron Varnum who came in with only 1 out and got out of the jam to get the win after also pitching the 8th. The railroaders ended up winning 4-1 after Jeff Reinke got a leadoff hit in the top of the 8th and ended up scoring along with 2 others that inning. The second game was a tough game again as John Selb went 6 great innings only giving up 1 run before turning the ball over again to Aaron Varnum who came in for the save after getting bases loaded and giving up Selbs run that was on first base and ending the game in a 4-6-3 double play. The railroaders pitching seems to be superb at the moment only if they can get their bats hot along with the pitching, nobody can beat them. Big hits on the day were Jeff Reinke getting on both games in the last inning of both games, Tyler Owens triple in the second game along with Gellespies hit in the second game of the last inning. I cant remember much more but just wait for the Railroaders to hit and they could be chugging their way down the tracks to be the KITY League Champions!