Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One & One thus far with Three to go

Back where we started on the road trip, tied for first position with 4 other teams in the league. Batteries seem to be holding up well in the crystal ball, and I do believe I see our team coming together. The players do have today off and I know Rattle is concerned about their play after such an event. But consider this . . . it’s the Oilers the Railroaders play tomorrow in a doubleheader in Owensboro, and I recall last year we went there and swept a 3 game series with them. The 2006 Oilers were the best in the league, and we were the only team having a better season record against them. I know don’t think the 2007 Oilers are the same caliber as last year. I know they have an entirely new set of players (their coach said so when they played us here the first week). If we can get good pitching and the bats of late, we’ll do just fine. A little prayer wouldn’t hurt either. Come on guys, one for two with three go. Get us 3 more road wins and come home 11-7. The Hounds will be waiting too….

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  1. you are correct hoghead. We need to do some buttkickin in O town and come back and be ready for the dawgs again.